Free and useful online resources recommended by Vivien for your easy and convenient references for anything related to your financial needs

Financial Apps

Useful free mobile apps (Android or IOS) for you to download onto your mobile device and it just comes handy for your financial needs and convenience anytime and anywhere.

1) EZ Financial Calculator by Bishinew Incorporated (Android and iOS)
2) Offline Currency Converter by Jeffrey Grossman (Android and iOS)

Useful Links

Useful links for you to bookmark into your browser in your mobile device for easy reference as and when you need to retrieve any financial information you need urgently.

1) SANJAY R. TOLANI Financial Advisor, Coach & Author - good website with a lot of useful resources

Financial Websites

Useful websites for you to visit using your browser in your mobile device anytime and anywhere on the latest global financial news and updates.

1) Bloomberg – give you latest global financial news
2) AAstocks – check HKSE share market prices

Online Courses

Online and free courses, training and webinars on the related topics and subject matters on financial planning, wealth management and offshore investment